Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things that will be different when I rule the world: a short list

1. Winter. It is dark now by 4:30. This is simply not acceptable. It makes me grumpy (well, more grumpy).

2. Marking. I brought a big box home for the weekend and didn't touch it. I hate marking.

3. My dental coverage says it's 100%, but it is only 100% of what the insurance company figures it should cost, not what it actually does cost. The next time I take the car for an oil change, I'll tell the dude at the garage that, while he figures it should be about $50, I figure it should be about $20, so that's all I'm paying. Wish me luck in that.

4. Christmas. It is stressful and expensive, and because it is, in fact, a religious holiday, it's a little too... churchy for my taste. When the boy is grown up and gone, I am going to check myself into one of those luxury hotels in the mountains for the whole week and not hang a single freaking ornament.

4b. Also, it starts too soon. I can see three lit trees in the complex next door from my window. This is not okay.

4c. And I just finished a bit of deadline knitting, and I hate deadline knitting. Knitting is what I do to relax, dammit! It's the one thing in my life that doesn't have a timetable attached, and that doesn't charge by the hour. Deadlines take all the fun out of it.

5. I will be able to get my Master's degree and they (that's the imaginary group of "they" which is responsible for things like dental coverage and Christmas) will pay me.

6, All books will be as good as The Time Traveller's Wife. And all spellings will be Canadian.

7. Everyone will be equipped with an "undo" button for those moments when something unkind or careless or stupid comes out of one's mouth without warning, and hurts someone. I could have used one last week, actually.

I think I have a slight touch of that Seasonal Affective whatsit. Perhaps I should spend a few weeks in Mexico on a beach in an attempt to get better.

Or I could just wait and see what happens when I rule the world.

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Mrs. Spit said...

Oh, you'll hate me. I spent the day decorating the house. (Still not done) Christmas is my season.