Monday, November 23, 2009

Life IS pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

This seems like scraping the bottom of the barrel, blog-fodder-wise speaking, but the other night as I was ready to go to bed (about 7:35, you know) I was in my bathroom washing my face. I'd taken off my glasses, and I was squirting a bit of soap into my hand (one must cleanse one's T-zone, even at this age). I always forget that the soap pump has a tendency to clog, so when the soap didn't squirt out I got closer, and pushed harder, and ended up with a jet of soap (tea tree oil and something else organic) straight into my right eye.

It. Really. Hurt.

Then my eye swelled up and turned all red and burned for a while, before returning to normal.

Which is all a really weird story which has nothing much to do with anything else, except that I got my flu shot today and now my arm hurts too.

It's a world of hurt, is what it is.

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Well Read Hostess said... see this day as "Ow soap in my eye and Ow flu shot." I see your day as, "Wow, she remembers to wash her face and wow she remembered to get her flu shot."

Perspective, baby. Perspective.

From where I stand, you are doing GREAT.