Saturday, November 21, 2009

In which I appear to have lost my blogging mojo

Some things that have kept me from Le Blog lately:

1. Work. Lots of it.

2. An actual social life. Very small, but visible nonetheless. I suspect that this "social life" (please picture Dr. Evil saying "laser beam" while making those little quotation marks with his fingers) will continue up to and including Christmas, after which it will fizzle out.

3. Knitting. Still haven't finished those mittens, but made a baby hat for my long-lost cousin Liz, and am in the midst of one of those stripey Noro scarves that are said to be highly addictive. Seems to be true.

4. Worrying. About my furnace blowing out cold air today, and having only one of its two blinkey lights flashing while it did so. And then suddenly fixing itself. Who knew that home ownership was such a pitfall of anxiety? Also worrying about global warming, my parenting ability, and whether I'm too hard on my students.

5. Riding. Have ridden over jumps and not died! Also, am "canteriffic." (I made that word up just for the occasion.)

6. Reading. I finally figured out the do it yourself holds feature at the local library. This resulted in my boy and I placing holds on 3,465 books, and then in the library calling us 3,465 times and having to make 3,465 trips to pick up the books. (Today they called me to come and pick up the copy of The Arabian Nights which I had placed on hold. This might be part of the space-time continuum issue I am having (see the Spontaneously Self-Repairing Furnace Debacle as evidence) because I did not actually place a hold on The Arabian Nights. Could I possibly have an evil twin who goes around impersonating me and generally messing things up? Or am I in fact doing all this in my sleep? The questions, they pour down like rain.)

7. Worrying. About Christmas, and how I will afford it, and if something really is wrong with my brand new, highly expensive, very efficient furnace. About my friend whose grandmother died, and who is sad right now. About the noises my car makes, which may be related to the Flux Capacitor or the Canooter Valves. Hard to say which. Also worrying about whether my reluctance to put up Christmas decorations of any sort means that I am really a bad person.

8. Hiding under my rock. I am having an overwhelming urge to become a hermit.

9. Worrying about the Wonder Dog, who has started coughing. Unfortunately, she is not coughing into her sleeve in the prescribed Alberta Health and Wellness manner, despite my in-depth coaching on the issue. A coughing dog is very weird. Perhaps I could slip her into the vaccination clinic when the boy and I go? Do you think they would notice?

10. Also, last but not least, blogging inertia seems to feed on itself - I feel guilty about not blogging so I don't blog. It must work for me on some level, or I wouldn't do it.

And that's all. I sure hope the mojo comes back soon. (But I'm kind of enjoying the social life.)

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Mrs. Spit said...

I have no help in the furnace department, but am pleased at the social life. Does he possibly know anything about furnaces?

Coughing dog could just be cold weather. Also, dogs get the flu.