Monday, April 13, 2009

Mighty Neighbourly

Here on the Artsy ranch, we don't have very many neighbours. It's mostly because this is a brand new townhouse complex, and most of the units aren't finished yet. We do, however, have one other person living in our block. I first realized that I was a neighbour when I opened the door one morning and saw this:

"Holy Dinah!" I thought to myself. "Someone has abandoned that car right there in the middle of the street!" I was so distraught that I wandered on over to see if it had a license plate on it or if it had just been dumped there. Surely, I thought, no one would ever drive a car that cost more to insure than it is worth, and which is too big to fit into our standard size single garages...

But no, I was mistaken. The car belongs to my neighbour, and believe me when I tell you that this is the way he parks. All the time! He just pulls that big old boat (damn it's loud) right up until he's more or less in front of his place, then he stops it and gets out and goes on his merry way.


I thought that I was a little eccentric - for example, I turn on the subtitles when I'm watching a movie, because I like to read the dialogue (otherwise I sometimes have trouble following what people are saying) - but never once have I left the house with my shirt on backwards, collar pulled up to keep my throat warm. Nor have I ever walked down the road while brushing my teeth.

I guess I have a long way to go in the eccentricity department. It's a bit of a relief, to tell you the truth.

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