Sunday, April 26, 2009

Magical Thinking Strikes Again

Fact: The pattern for the sweater I'm knitting ("Elsewhere") clearly states, on the very first page, and I quote: "Throughout this pattern, you’ll be picking up lots of stitches."

Fact: I hate picking up stitches. I can never get them to be all even, and because I am easily bored to the point of occasionally being lazy, I sometimes pick up neatly at the beginning and become progressively sloppier as I go on.

Fact: I knew both of these facts before I bought the pattern.

Fact: I bought the pattern before I bought the yarn.

Fact: I have knitted all the way to the bottom of the sweater and have picked up approximately 9,387 stitches, cursing each one.

Fact: Knowing thyself is not all that useful if you do not apply that knowledge.

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