Sunday, March 1, 2009

Like a Lamb

Here in the booming metropolis of River City, Alberta, it is March, which means I did not die of February, and the February curse, while still in evidence, is not nearly so bad. (Last February my car was stolen and I was terribly sick. The February before that, the car's clutch died, the dog had surgery, and I was terribly sick. The February before that I was terribly sick, the car was broken into, and then it got stuck on the ice in front of the house while I was trying to turn around and blocked the whole street for 45 minutes until I could get it unstuck. The year before that, I was terribly sick. This year, I had to buy two new tires for the (new-to-me, unstolen) car, and had one small personal catastrophe, but no terrible illness. Hurray! Things are looking up.)

To celebrate the slight possibility that spring might return, here are some mountain pictures that I took last fall and promised to put on the blog, but never did. I am, as ever, wildly inconsistent and generally unreliable. Get used to it.

It's spring.

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