Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How I Spent My Spring Vacation, Day 2

Let's see.... there was marking:

(That's the finished pile. It looks bigger, doesn't it? Guys? Bueller?)

There was an email to my bank-type lady about a tax question (no picture available of that one, because... well, it was boring).

There was more office cleaning (no pictures of that, either), and there was an unfortunate incident involving the Wonder Dog's digestive processes (which was, quite frankly, disgusting, and will never, ever be photographed under any circumstances whatsoever).

In the Care and Maintenance of Young People department, there was the zapping of 3 warts by the friendly neighbourhood doctor (for a bargain price of $25):

And a long-overdue haircut.

There was also knitting - I'm this close to finishing the body on Everybody Knows. That will leave me with the collar and two sleeves, which I desperately want to finish. So that I can knit something else, of course!

Does anyone else find it hilariously funny that on knitting patterns for sweaters they say "Sleeves. Knit two."?? I thought that two arms was the default setting - maybe I was wrong.

In short, dear reader, it was a dull, boring, busy, day that has left me with no more energy and completely out of wit.

That is all.

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