Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I fell down the stairs TWICE, spraining a different ankle each time. I now walk with a slight limp.

Yesterday I made a lovely brisket in the slow cooker, while the dog looked on and begged with every fibre of her being that, just this once, I would drop it.

Yesterday I got the car washed, which turned into a bizarre affair that ended with me receiving a free $12 wash as well as the $8 wash I paid for.

Yesterday I made an appointment for a hair cut, did a pile of marking, and had a riding lesson. I talked to my gramma about her birthday, and I got all the way down to the bottom of the yoke in my sweater, which always feels like half-way done to me, even though it isn't. I went to the bakery, I cleaned the bathroom, I did laundry, I took all the Christmas music off my iPod. I prepared and served three healthy meals. I cleaned off my desk, shredding or filing the huge pile of papers that usually sits beside my computer.

It was a shockingly productive day.

Today, I have taken out the garbage and done some worrying. I intend to knit and read and not think about New Years or Resolutions. I may buy milk if I get around to it.

Or maybe I won't.


Mrs. Spit said...

My, that's a difference!

SharpshooterPR said...

Yesterday, I was 41. Today I am 42. It's amazing the difference a day makes! I didn't make any brisket or do any knitting though. Did work on articles and media training for my fun funeral clients, however! Despite the sprained ankles, I hope you and The Boy had a fabulous Christmas. Any chance your New Year's Resolutions include trips out east for knitting conferences? Just wondering...