Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Which Our Intrepid Reader Has a Rather Smelly Mishap

Please note: this image is not representative of how I look while on a horse.

Had a riding lesson this morning- I am glad to say that, while I may not be improving, I am not getting any worse either.

After the lesson I was brushing the horse off in a stall. She moved a little sideways, and stepped on the toe of my boot. I was stuck, moving backwards, and off balance when she moved around towards me. I lost my balance entirely, and fell backwards, boot still under the horse's hoof...

... and landed, oh gentle reader...

... right in a pile of horse shit.

It was actually quite funny; I was soaked right through my jeans, and had to put a blanket down on the seat of my car for the drive home. The minute I walked through the door every stitch of clothing went into the washing machine, and I had a lovely warm shower with lavender soap.

When my boy has swimming lessons I'm surprised he doesn't swallow the whole pool, because he can't stop smiling. That's the way I feel when I'm riding - I grin like a fool all the way home.

With the windows open, of course.

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well read hostess said...

FANTASTIC. This should be a short film or something. I love the way you told this story.