Friday, July 10, 2009

George! You didn't jump in the river after all! How sensible of you.

The title of this post is brought to you by the movie the boy and I watched yesterday, while the rain poured down and while my muscles gradually stiffened into long strings of pain as a direct result of another riding lesson.

I love learning things, I really do, but I'm a smart cookie (if I do say so myself) and learning things is easy for me.

Book-learning things are easy, actually. I am not very coordinated, physically speaking, because of a tendency to view my body as nothing but a slightly awkward, unreliable, and poorly-designed transportation system for my brain. But no, I am going to learn to ride this horse, or die trying.

My sympathies are actually with the horse.

And, in case you haven't noticed, I have been so busy doing nothing that I don't want to write anything on the blog.

If you're looking for something to read, though, Sarah Dunant's new book "Sacred Hearts" was fantastic.

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Mrs. Spit said...

Riding is a thing that you will fight against, and the horse will fight against, until one day, the two of you will click, and it will work.

It helps if the horse is not a lesson horse, but yours. If you are really going to look into it, looking a lease. Most stables have them.