Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The things I do to earn a wage.

Today my grade 7 classes and I were talking about the Poet Laureate - who he is and what his job is. This led, as one would imagine, down all kinds of interesting paths.

"What do you think he might write about today?" I asked them.



"Math class!"

and finally....

"The Olympic torch!" [It passed through yesterday on the way to Vancouver, making a fabulous mess of traffic.]

"He might," I agreed. "But what rhymes with "torch"?"

"Porch!" everyone shouted.

I can't help myself - once we start down a path like this I am absolutely unable to stop, no matter how many warning signs I see.

"I bet he wrote one like this," said I:

I saw the torch
From my porch
It was hot
But I was not.

It's one for posterity, so it is.

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SharpshooterPR said...

Could be worse...you could be a music teacher!

Hubby (barely) survived our eldest boy's "Winter Concert" also known as the "We'll Do Anything To Avoid The Word "Christmas" Concert--seems the Grade Three class was painfully awful and required three starts before they were told to call it a wrap.

I pity those kids, their parents...and most of all, the music teacher! (Seems the band was dreadful, too!)

So, take that exquisite porch poem (Ezra would be proud!), try to figure out what key it should be played in and then laugh, laugh, laugh that you aren't an elementary school music teacher.