Saturday, January 3, 2009

It'll work out.

My internet thingy still isn't sorted out (Hello! Shaw cable? CALL ME.) but I'm back at the library downloading music and surfing the web as I procrastinate.

What am I putting off? Well, lots of stuff, actually. Like, for example, I have grade 8 French first period on Monday morning and not the FAINTEST IDEA what we're going to do. The rest of the day is looking like that too. But oh well! It'll work out. (Famous last words.)

I'm also procrastinating about knitting -- my holidays were a bit worrisome, so I've been knitting up a storm in order to ease my anxiety. So much that I think I'm getting a repetitive strain injury -- I have pins and needles like crazy in my hands.

Also, I have to call the builders and ask them to please do something to keep the fancy-pants Swedish washing machine (I call it Bjorn) from rocking right out of the cabinet during the spin cycle. We are approaching the scope of the famous Pants Emergency of 2007, and laundry must be done. Soon.

I also need to call my former landlord and get my damage deposit back. This is getting ridiculous.

BUT I got the best gig EVER. The school board has asked me to review books for their selection department -- that means they send me reading material, which I read (duh) and then write little reviews about, so that school libraries and teachers can look at the review and decide if the title is right for their collection. I got four books in the first go-round, and the reviews are due... soon. (I actually lost the instructions for the reviews when I moved, but I'm sure that too will work out just fine. For such an obsessive worrier, I'm sure not good with keeping track of things like this.) The only down side is that I can't keep the books, but seeing that I won't be getting my bookshelves in the new house for the foreseeable future, this is maybe not such a bad thing.

So that is what I'm putting off right now. I have less than an hour to go, and I'm updating the blog instead of writing pithy and eloquent reviews. Oh well. It'll all work out. Right?

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