Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Spreading

It all started so innocently.

My work friend R. and I discovered one day that we both knit. She is the proud creator of several things that are flat, and was thrilled and astounded to learn that I know how to make things that are round. During our knitting discussion (it went like this: "You use THREE needles?" "Yes, it's dead easy" "Really? Three needles? Don't you ever poke yourself in the eye?" "Sure, sometimes, but that's why I wear glasses, really. It's a safety issue.") another teacher overheard and mentioned that she wanted to learn to knit.

Soon, the three of us found ourselves at a yarn store, fondling the merino.

Then it got worse.

There was knitting in the library after report cards were done. This, not unnaturally, attracted the attention of others, some of whom are also knitters. I have now corrupted the following members of staff:
1) R., who is convinced that knitting with three needles makes her look dangerous.
2) the cooking teacher, who is making a scarf that is as colourful and full of character as she is herself.
3) a teaching assistant who is actually pretty expert at knitting, but who can now curse her work with words taught to her by a student in one of my classes.
4) the admin secretary, who wants to knit a toque (preferably one with viking horns) and is quite miffed that I advised her to start with something flat.
5) I must include myself in this group, since I am knitting mittens for a friend who has unnaturally large hands (note to self: in the future, make friends only with small-handed persons). They are lovely warm plain mitts with an elegant little cable up the front. Very manly.

Today we had our very first "Stitch and Twitch", named in honour of the weird tick over my left eye.

Rock on, baby.

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