Friday, July 4, 2008

Yeehaw! or even, Yahoo!

It was Stampede Parade day in my fair town, so the Boy and I went downtown to the rocking seats I scored, to watch all the action.

I do love a parade.

I love the marching bands, and the Mounties in their scarlet coats.

I love the soldiers and the fact that most people in the crowd have never been afraid to see soldiers in the street.

I loved that there was a float from the Calgary Public LIbrary! With people who were dressed as books! (I do believe I have found my tribe.)

I love that the parade shows Calgary's history as well as its diversity.

I even love the fact that you can see the former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein sitting in a chuckwagon not two feet away from you, and curse the fact that you have no rotten tomatoes to toss at him. (Schools -- and, more importantly, STUDENTS, are still suffering from the cuts to education that King Ralph implemented in the early 90s.)

And the Shriners, of course -- love them too. (Check out that guy's knees -- he must have needed a beer by the end of the parade.)

So the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has begun, with a bang, and we were there, cheering.

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